Sunday, October 24, 2010

Picasso and His Masterpiece by Dyanne Parker

Picasso and His Masterpiece 16 x 20 acrylic on wrapped canvas. Happy Birthday Picasso October 25 International Artists Day, celebrated around the world. October 25 is a special day as artists celebrate around the world, art and artists from the past, present and artists to come. It's Pablo Picasso's birthday and happens to be mine too. He lived to be 92 years old and had such passion as an artist in painting and sculpture. His character is evident in both his features and in his art. As I signed his name on his painting in my interpretation of his painting, Woman with a Book, I saw his energy and strong strokes within his art and wondered how would he decide what and how to paint each one of his masterpieces. Not all artists get to be as famous or successful as Picasso but every artist is so privileged just to create. There is nothing greater than to touch a brush to canvas. Celebrate art every year on October 25 by appreciating art, purchasing a piece you love or even creating a masterpiece of your own. Prints available at Fine Art America my email: Original for sale: $255 plus $25 shipping

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