Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All Shades

All Shades 11 x 14 acrylic on canvas board Different Stokes from Different Folks is a painting challenge from Karin Jurick, Artist from Atlanta. Every two weeks Karin posts a photo and artists submit their interpretation. Visit Karin's blog at http:karinjurick.blogspot.com and click on Different Strokes from Different Folks to see all the submissions. This painting is for sale: $150 includes shipping in the US


dominique eichi said...

I like the similarity they have and the differences. Nice

Edward Burton said...

Great job with the challenge, Dyanne!

James Parker said...

Very nice work, Dyanne. "Equalizing" the figures makes a very pleasing composition. I'd like to invite you to visit and view my comments onthis DSFDF project. I noticed one of your earlier works of the 2 children "touch of innocence"...excellent. If you do visit my blog, check out the Windows to the Words children challenge for this month. I'd be delighted and honored to have you participate.